We believe that committed support and collaboration extends far beyond the appointments process.

For sustainable success, we devote our time nurturing and enriching our clients’ and candidates’ professional experiences.

That’s why we offer a range of programmes to educate, inspire, and enable leaders to create inclusive and expansive workplaces.

Women’s Leadership Programme

The Women's Leadership Programme was launched in 2014 and is designed for aspiring female leaders. We have supported over 120 aspirational women, with well over half of those having moved into bigger roles within their organisation.

The business case for gender diversity at all levels in the workplace is clear and progressive organisations are continually seeking diversity of experience, behaviour and thinking.

Our programme inspires, builds confidence, and equips women to develop their careers and helps organisations with their succession to build a better, fairer future for all.

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Best Employers Eastern Region

The Best Employers Eastern Region programme empowers organisations with greater insight into their company’s culture and values, providing a platform to develop employee engagement.

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Transition coaching

In the first 100 days of their new roles, we offer transition coaching to help support Executive’s to listen and make the greatest impact for their new organisations.

Together, we explore the cornerstones of smooth, successful transitions, from building solid relationships to leading with purpose and identifying the opportunities for the organisation.

Executive coaching

Through our experienced team and highly skilled associates, we support leaders to find a safe space to think.

Whether it’s about your purpose, levels of resilience and resourcefulness, self-confidence or capacity to lead others through times of uncertainty and transition, we will provide you with an impartial sounding board.

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