A top brand retains top talent

A top brand retains top talent

Businesses in Suffolk face the increased pressure of being close to London. So, when it comes to recruiting, while they may not be able to compete with the capital’s weighted salaries, they can compete on employer brand.

Tom Earl from Pure Executive is in no doubt that effective employer brands can help to attract and retain top talent.

He explained. “Our experience shows that organisations are more likely to attract and retain high quality candidates if they have built an effective employer brand, with a clear set of values and an attractive company culture in place.

“Candidates are still reluctant to move on salary alone and their perception of a business is likely to be a significant deciding factor. As competition for talent increases, we are seeing more businesses looking to review and communicate their employer brand, and play their part in putting the county on the map as a great place to work.”

When reviewing the attractiveness of your brand, a good starting point is to focus on current employees. They are your organisation’s most influential brand ambassadors and undertaking a confidential staff survey can be a great way to understand more about what they think.

“Your employer brand should accentuate the positives, but it also needs to be realistic and the opinions of your current employees will help to shape this and can be used to make any positive changes needed.” Tom continued.

Brand Promotion

“Once you’re confident about the brand you’re looking to project, look for ways to share this with potential recruits. If you don’t already have a dedicated recruitment section on your website, add a space for this and fill it with engaging content including real-life pictures and videos.

“Include your organisation’s values, outline how you like to work, the company culture and the organisational structure; these all help potential recruits to understand how they might fit in. Also, don’t forget to share stories of any charity or community support on your news pages and social media channels. An organisation’s social presence is likely to be one of the first places people look to for information and it’s a great opportunity to provide a real feel for what it is like to work for the business.”

However, to be most effective, Tom says that an employer brand needs to become a way of life.

“The leadership and management team must be committed to the culture and demonstrate it every day, with people and values at the heart of every decision that is made. If they genuinely share the organisation’s vision, values and purpose they will lead by example with integrity, honesty and passion.

“The brand should then be reflected throughout all reward and progression schemes, people management processes and internal communications.”

Tom Earl is Associate Director at Pure Executive. It's Best Employers Eastern Region Initiative includes a free employee survey which drills into the culture and values and enables employers to benchmark the results against other organisations in the region. For further information about the initiative or to arrange to discuss your organisation’s employer brand, contact Tom on or 01223 666455.